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Will a rebranded Department of Health change anything?

In another week of extreme pressure across the NHS, with senior hospital doctors telling the prime minister that the situation is intolerable, the Department of Health has been rebranded. But will it make any difference?

We need a new care deal to tackle the challenges of an ageing population

Our campaign will explore social isolation, the care workforce, community responses to health and care needs, and what future provision could look like

What Jeremy Hunt Must Do To Fix The Social Care Crisis

Before we get too carried away with the addition of social care to Jeremy Hunts job title, its important to remind ourselves of two things.

First, the social care system has been in the grips of a deepening crisis since well before the start of his tenure.

Jeremy Hunt keeps Heath Secretary with added social care brief despite overseeing NHS winter crisis

Mr Hunt had been tipped for a sideways to a different department, after becoming hugely unpopular with many patients and health staff

We need to talk about doing social care differently

Of course the money matters. But the debate about social care should be about meaning and purpose as well as who pays

A brave and bold new world: my vision for social care

The green paper should put care at the heart of communities and invest in the people and innovations that will deliver it

The big issue: healthcare is too important to be left to the politicians

Restructuring of the NHS is essential, but the task needs to be taken out of the political arena and placed with a royal commission of experts

Leading social care figures and chiefs receive New Year's honours

Several leading figures in adult and childrens social care have been recognised in the New Years honours list.

Social care in 2018 time to think about the future workforce

With 90,000 vacancies, recruitment and retention is social cares most pressing issue. We are calling for a national campaign to find the right people for the job

Winter social care pressures Crisis was here before the snow, and is still here after it

As one of the coldest recent Decembers drew to a close, experts share their views on the state of adult care services

Set Brexit aside here are the political issues you must not lose sight of in 2018

With unprecedented government cuts, hard times lie ahead for millions affected by poverty, homelessness, disability, universal credit and the social care crisis

Why it's difficult to attract younger people into the social care sector

Staff shortages are set to cause a crisis. Thats why organisations are reaching out to young people to show how rewarding a career in care can be

More than 2.3 million elderly people are missing out on vital social care, says Labour

Older people in the most deprived areas are more likely to miss out on much-needed help with everyday tasks

Tory MP calls for social care to be centrally funded along lines of NHS

A Tory MP has urged ministers to consider centralised funding of social care in a similar system to the NHS.

How Do We Navigate The Black Hole Of Dementia Care Research?

Every year we invest millions of pounds in academic research, but how are these learnings applied in health and social care practice?

Human stories will convince the public that social care is worth investing in

Green paper must create a clear and compelling picture of living well with disability and in older age

PHE Advice on Flu in Care Homes

Public Health England have issued guidance on the management of outbreaks of influenza like illness (ILI) in care homes

Meeting With CQC

Blog Post 18 Dec 2017

The Association was represented at a National meeting with CQC by Debbie Le Quesne. Debbie is also the Co-chair of the Care Association Alliance which represents the Care Associations across the Country.

Slashing queues, helping new mothers: NHS explores apps for care in a digital age

Doctors, tech experts and scientists tested new ideas at a health hackathon now a fund aims to back the best with cash

Social care postcode gap widens for older people

Council funding cuts have reduced help for the old in deprived areas, study shows

Richard Humphries: Could social care finally become truly local?

Had T S Eliot been thinking of social care when he wrote The Wasteland, November not April would have been the cruellest month.

More than 1,400 NHS dementia patients well enough to go home at Christmas will be stranded in hospital, warns charity

Lack of social care funding turning wards into waiting rooms as figures shows dementia patients are delayed up to 10 times longer than hospital patients without the condition

Consultation begins on social care info for NHS.UK

Initial focus to be on how future website for health service can support social care of senior citizens

NHS Digital has begun a consultation on what social care information, notably for people aged over 65, should be included on the future NHS.UK website.

The state of social care shames us all

Care homes are unfairly relying on better-off residents to subsidise others care. The government urgently needs to increase funding to the sector

Urgent talks over future of Four Seasons care homes in UK

Creditor H 2 makes concessions amid crisis at health firm caring for 17,000 elderly and vulnerable people

5 Ways to Sustain High-Quality Social Care

So youve developed your companys first dedicated social customer service teamcongrats Now how do you keep it going

Plans for cap on social care costs in 2020 pulled by government

Consultation on social care reform will include proposals for a limit on individual spend on care, but 72000 cap will not be introduced in three years

NHS wards becoming long stay institutions amid lack of social care

Hospitals are being turned into long-stay institutions, amid a crisis in social care, with more than 17,000 people now stuck on hospital wards for at least three weeks, official figures show.

There is no silver bullet for social care, but ministers must not dodge the issue

With services under severe strain, the government must catalyse a culture shift that puts prevention at the heart of care

NHS bosses sound alarm over hospitals already running at 99% capacity

Bed shortages prompting concern for patient safety even before onset of winter weather and anticipated major flu outbreak

Disabled People Are Not For Sale

The UK has had a policy of competitive tendering for public services since the 1980s. There is no evidence to support this policy - but plenty of evidence that it has a severe negative impact on social care and human rights.

We need a massive expansion of volunteers in public services

More people would get involved in voluntary work if we threw open the doors of our hospitals and care homes and made it easier for them

Care home provider under threat as Labour attacks profit-first firms

Four Seasons Health Care, which looks after 17,000 residents, could go into administration after talks are derailed

David Cameron admits we didnt solve problem of funding for Britain's ageing population

David Cameron has expressed regret he was unable to do more to deal with the huge challenge funding social care for Britains ageing population.

Social care green paper can deliver if it sees the bigger picture

The autumn budget failed to tackle social care funding, but Damian Greens comments on reform are loaded with promise

1bn funding shortfall may force UK care homes to close, says watchdog

Fees paid by cash-strapped councils fail to meet costs of caring for residents, according to Competition and Markets Authority

Small changes can make a big difference to the quality of care

It takes bravery and humility for those on the receiving end of complaints to listen and act

Senior Tories in budget backlash over NHS and social care cash

Two former health secretaries and chair of select committee call for end to short-term thinking as crisis grows

Councils forced to use emergency cash to pay for social care as funding shortfall grows

More than half of local authorities due to overspend on social care this year with most set to make up shortfall through reserves

Have there been two decades of failure to reform social care

A politically-charged Budget has passed with no mention of social care, despite a growing sense in recent years that the system of support for older people and younger disabled adults is on the point of crisis.

Budget 2017: Furious Jeremy Corbyn lashes out at Tories jeering him as he calls for urgent social care funds

Labour leader rebukes members of Government for displaying uncaring and uncouth attitudes towards care for desperate elderly people after Chancellor fails to mention issue in speech

Knight Frank is pleased to introduce the sixth annual review of trading performance in the UK care home sector.

Supported by data kindly provided by leading care home operators, the Care Home Trading Performance Index (CHTPI) provides industry-leading benchmarks on occupancy rates, mix of funding type, average weekly fees (AWF), costs such as staff and agency outlays, and profitability.

Councils acting positively on social care complaints

Councils and care providers implemented more than 1,300 recommendations to put things right for people who complained to the local government ombudsman last year.

Ombudsman upholding two-thirds of adult social care complaints, annual review reveals

Watchdog hails learning culture in independent care sector but admits rise in safeguarding complaints is very worrying

Ofsted announces new director for social care

Ofsted has appointed a London borough director of childrens services as its new national director of social care.

Yvette Stanley will join the regulator in April from Merton LBC where she is currently director for children, schools and families. She wil replace Eleanor Schooling, who has agreed to extend her time with Ofsted until 31 March next year.

Government accused of dragging their feet on social care funding shake-up

Ministers delay publication of social care green paper until summer 2018, prompting claims they are kicking the can down the road

Landmark study links Tory austerity to 120,000 deaths

The Conservatives have been accused of economic murder for austerity policies which a new study suggests have caused 120,000 deaths.

The paper found that there were 45,000 more deaths in the first four years of Tory-led efficiencies than would have been expected if funding had stayed at pre-election levels.

HMRC is taking a punitive approach to care worker back-pay issue

The Voluntary Organisations Disability Group says there is a lack of clarity with the scheme to make care charities give sleep-in staff back pay within 15 months

A charity representing more than 80 voluntary sector and not-for-profit disability and care organisations has accused the government and the taxman of taking a punitive approach to charities over the back-pay issue for sleep-in care workers.

Care home fees jump to 33,000 pounds per year - pushing the average stay to over 80,000 pounds

Average care fees have risen above 33,000 pounds this year, meaning the last 12 months saw costs rise at the fastest rate on record.

The 9.6pc increase between 2016 and 2017 was nearly double the previous year's rise and, assuming a two-and-a-half year stay in a home, takes the average total cost of care to 84,760 pounds

We can't fix social care if we think it's just for older people

Disabled people aged 18-64 make up a third of all social care users, yet they are not getting the support they need

Social care and housing crises must be tackled in Budget, Chancellor warned Read more:

Chancellor Philip Hammond has been warned he must tackle the crises in housing and social care in his forthcoming budget.

Councils have been forced to sell off enough properties to house a small city, such as Oxford, and are being prevented from building the replacements needed, local government leaders have warned.

60% of Council Tax to be spent on social care

The majority of Council Tax will be spent on social care by 2020, with little left over to pay for repairing potholes, cleaning the streets and running libraries.

MPs quiz government on social care back-pay bill

Social care charities have been given 15 months to repay an estimated £400m in back-pay for sleep-in providers

DoH aims to replace social care data system

The Department of Health (DoH) has begun to work on a project to build a new version of the National Minimum Dataset for Social Care (NMDS-SC), the online service that pulls together a range of data from organisations in the sector.

NHS needs 4bn to ease burden on social care system

The NHS needs 4bn next year to prevent the health service deteriorating and putting the squeezed social care sector under added pressure, three health charities have today warned.

New Care Certificate Implementation Toolkit To Support Health and Care Apprenticeships

The Skills Platform, part of Skills for Health, has launched a free new toolkit designed to directly support those responsible for delivering the Care Certificate to new employees as part of their induction and for upskilling current employees working in health and social care.

We bailed out the bankers. And yet we re ready to throw care workers to the wolves

Staff on sleep-in shifts are owed 400m we need their skills more than ever and must treat them fairly

Tory MPs demand bailout for care agencies in £400m backpay crisis

Services hit by massive bill may face closure without state aid, say campaigners

Policy on sleep-in pay could have dire consequences for people needing care

New guidance means providers are being forced to pay for the governments mistakes, and puts the future of the care industry at risk

New sleep-in shift pay compliance scheme launched to support social care sector and identify back pay for workers

The government has launched a new compliance scheme for social care providers that may have incorrectly paid workers below legal minimum wage hourly rates for sleep-in shifts.

Social care employers will be able to opt into the new Social Care Compliance Scheme (SCCS), giving them up to a year to identify what they owe to workers, supported by advice from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). Employers who identify arrears at the end of the self-review period will have up to three months to pay workers.

Social care funding can't take any more setbacks. It needs reform now

The UK is approaching a perfect storm with an ageing population and many people unprepared for the future

Social care providers dismayed by government sleep-in shift announcement

Sector has been given 15 months to meet a back pay bill of more than £400m, but warns of mass closures without government support.

Ros Altmann: How advisers and politicians can tackle the social care crisis

The Government urgently needs to address the ticking time bomb of baby-boomers needing help with later life care

NHS at breaking pointas lack of social care places clogs A and E putting patients at risk

THE NHS is at breaking point as hospitals struggle to deal with clogged wards and soaring patient numbers, a Newsnight investigation has found.

Health Minister Jackie Doyle-Price Tells Social Care Debate 'Austerity Is The Mother Of Invention'

Conservative health minister Jackie Doyle-Price has been criticisied for telling a debate on social care austerity is the mother of invention.

The Thurrock MP recounted a conversation she had with a council leader during an opposition day debate called by Labour shadow social care minister Barbara Keeley, who is concerned about funding gaps in the sector.

Social care spending rises for first time in five yearse years

Council spending on adult social care increased by 556m pounds in 2016-17, representing the first real term rise in five years, new figures show.

Dementia tax: Tory MPs urged to back Labour push to scrap policy

Opposition day debate will call on Conservatives to confirm they will ditch unpopular manifesto pledge

Can technology rescue the precarious state of adult social care?

A new report has revealed that, while the majority of adult social care is good, future quality is precarious as the system struggles with complex new types of demand, access and cost.

Social work leaders lack of diversity out of step with workforce

Data obtained by Adult Principal Social Workers' network also raises questions about embedding of social work values within council hierarchies

Derby City Homes Draft Questionaire

We need your comments and feedback on the draft questionnaire from Derby City Homes

Elderly patients could be put at risk by pressure to empty NHS beds, warns social care chief inspector

Pressures on hospitals to empty thousands of beds ahead of winter could risk the safety of frail elderly patients, the chief inspector of social care has warned.

LGA: four million lost bed days shows social care reform must come sooner

overnment must allocate more funds to social care services in the Autumn Budget.

An Age UK study found that almost four million bed days have been lost since 2011 due to problems putting patients into community care once they have received hospital treatment, with the number still on the rise.

The Guardian view on social care: the cost of cowardice


For a generation, politicians have ducked the challenge of restructuring health and social care. But if they dont act now it may be too late

Homes are not assets to be passed on to children, says minister

Labour says Jackie Doyle-Price resurrected dementia tax by saying taxpayer should not prop up people with care needs

How social impact bonds are funding long-term care projects

Annual budgets make it difficult for councils to do meaningful work. Is third-party funding the answer?

The Tories are ignoring the worsening crises in social care, health and welfare

Iain Malcolm says the government has missed countless opportunities to improve social care; Nick Finer says the health minister is either complacent or in denial about the NHSs troubles; David Etherington and Martin Jones say authorities have ignored the evidence on universal credit; and John Evers wonders about the obsession with Brexit amid a sea of domestic troubles

The secret to recruiting and retaining care staff? Rewarding them

Staff stick with inadequate authority thanks to £15k bonus but too few councils can find that kind of money

Home first' model aims to stop patients being stranded on hospital wards

The quicker older people get out of hospital, the less likely theyll end up in residential homes or back on a ward

Brexit could ensure social care gets the reform it badly needs

Theresa May had planned to move the political focus this autumn from Brexit to domestic priorities. That was always a tall order when the next round of negotiations and this months EU council are looming, but its particularly difficult given the Prime Minister managed to lose, not gain, authority with her conference speech. Its also made harder given that her statement in the Commons yesterday seems to have enraged Brexiteer MPs, who were willing her on before the conference speech fiasco.

Why wont ministers acknowledge social care's growing emergency

The warnings are getting ever bleaker for an over-burdened system

Tories ditch plan to cap care home fees by 2020: Scandal of bills eating into inheritance to continue as policy is officially abandoned

David Cameron promised to bring £75,000 limit on amount people must pay

But Government source said cap will not be introduced until into next decade

This means scandal of enormous care bills mounting for people will continue

Sky Views: Grow up and talk about social care

Paul Kelso, Health Correspondent

In the next decade there will be one million more people in Britain aged over 75.

By 2040 one in seven of us will be over 70, and life expectancy at birth will be 85 for men and women.

Without a clear strategy, adult social care will continue to lurch from crisis to crisis

The governments promised consultation offers an opportunity to draw up a system fit for our complex 21st-century society

Winter is coming and the situation in the NHS is desperate

Riven with conflict and overwhelmed by Brexit, the government is trying to keep the parlous state of the NHS in the shadows of political debate

What are asset-based approaches to care and support?

Tapping into service users skills and experience can be hugely beneficial to them, to their community and to the care system as a whole

Nine in ten councils will run out of care homes places within five years because they are not doing enough to cope with the ageing population

87 per cent of town halls will not have enough places to meet demand by 2022

Devon will have largest shortage in number of beds, with a projected 1,921

In the worst-hit area Bracknell Forest in Berkshire there will be 161 fewer places than needed, a shortfall of 53 per cent

Hike taxes to pay for billions of pounds more spending on social care, urges Tory grandee Oliver Letwin

Letwin said a failure to spend enough was putting extra strain on the NHS

He called on the Government to increase spending via new and higher taxes

Letwin's claim came after Philip Hammond did not rule out higher taxation

Retirees unwilling to sacrifice their home to cover social care costs

As the government prepares to consult the cost of social care, new research from Aegon reveals that most retirees are unwilling to sacrifice their home to cover social care costs.

NHS not fit for the 21st century, says chief inspector of hospitals

Half of beds now taken up by people who do not need to be there, professor says, claiming chance to modernise was missed

Sleep-in payments are becoming a nightmare

The government should accept responsibility for meeting the substantial costs of backdating sleep-in costs up until the date of the announcement on 26 July, says Professor Martin Green of Care England

Tips on preventing falls in care homes

When an older person has a fall, the effects can be huge, both emotionally and physically.

Webinar - Introducing Skills for Care's support to new managers

Are you a new manager in adult social care? Would you like to know more about how Skills for Care can help you?

Join our live webinar to find out about the resources Skills for Care has to help new and aspiring managers, from initial induction through to delivering good and outstanding care.

Webinar - Introducing Skills for Care's support to new care services

Are you a new adult social care service or are you considering opening one?

Join our live webinar to find out about the resources Skills for Care has to help new services to understand how they can develop their managers and workforce to deliver good and outstanding care.

Hospital to home: people's needs must be central to transfers of care

When moving people between care, small details make a big difference and staff must be involved at every stage

Andy Burnham wants Greater Manchester to be first place in country to axe social care charges

The Greater Manchester mayor wants ministers to trial a completely new model of social care in the region, which he says would provide fully free care at the point of use for all of your life

NCF Managers Conference

6-7 November, Kenilworth Warwickshire

The National Care Forum managers conferences is held in November for Registered managers in social care who come from all over the UK to attend this essential 24 hours to share best practice, voice concerns and learn first-hand about changes in regulation and quality ratin

Social Care Shake Up Will Provide Choice

Derbyshire County Council is to consider a raft of measures to change the way care is delivered to the county’s aging population.

These include proposals to support independent care homes, give older people greater choice in their care and speed up hospital discharges

Why We Need Social Care To Be Strong And Sustainable

Within the next decade - by 2025 - there will be 11.7 million disabled people in England, according to government figures.

99% of advanced dementia sufferers not getting specialist care, finds study

Lack of palliative care services in community means GPs and emergency services being forced to provide most of dementia patients healthcare

Four in five will need social care at a cost of £30k a year

BRITONS are more realistic now about the true cost of social care with many planning for their old age, financial experts say.

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