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Fees Update

The Association works closely with Derbyshire Council to discuss fees for the Care Homes for next year.

Pierre Falleth the Association Chairman has asked me make sure everyone is updated.

The Council have said “It is recommended that a value of £15.54 be allocated for an increase which with the proposed training value increase of £6.86 would give an overall nursing care home fee increase of £22.40. The impact of this proposal would be to increase the standard fee rate to £519.89 per week.  Providers would be monitored to evidence that they are successfully recruiting and retaining nursing staff and responding to urgent request for safe hospital discharge.”

So that’s £1164 per annum per nursing resident. Not enough,  but better than nothing..

They are putting aside £1.75 million for this.

We will be discussing fees further at the Association Conference which is free for members to attend on 19th October 10.30am to 1pm at the Derby County Cricket Ground. You can book on it by going to

You can also find out what the Association is doing to support members in addition to talking to City and the County about fees. We have CQC coming to the conference and an ex CQC inspector to give you some advice about how to get an outstanding rating.

If you can’t make the conference, we have a web site which will give you more details.

Pierre hopes to see you there.


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