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Care Association Alliance Meeting

Debbie Le Quesne represented the Association at the Care Association Alliance Meeting with all the other Care Associations in London on 20th July 2017.

We had two excellent speaker who were as keen to hear what we thought as we were to hear them

Imelda Redmond the National Director of Healthwatch England and Donna Campbell the Local Government Social Care Ombudsman

Starting with Imelda we talked about the Local impact of Healthwatch and how different it is in each area. We were surprised to learn that they didn’t include Homes which were 100% self funders.

Secondly Donna talked about the how the Ombudsman should be used, as a backup to our own complaints systems. They look at the processes that have been followed and the evidence to make decisions. There is also a Local Government Health Ombudsman, but they have a joint working team to ensure that cases which cover both areas do not get lost. 63% of the cases about Adult Social Care were upheld, where as 52% is the normal rate. The Care Industry does not always follow its own rules, which leaves it open to criticism.

The afternoon was spent working out the best way of dealing with Local Authorities CCG and health Trusts to ensure that we are recognised and involved. We talked about the best way to get involved with the STP’s to understand what they are doing and ensure members know what is happening, when it happened not when they want us to know.

We discussed the visit to the Department of Health by the Alliance and what was said about the £2 Billion and the proportion which is going into the area. We were told by Ed Moses the Deputy Director of the Department of Health that 2/3 of the Money is for Social Care namely, fees, systems and assessments and relieving late payments and 1/3 is for hospital bed pressures particularly for winter.

Finally we discussed the back payment for Sleep Ins. If HMRC follow through with their demands, 6 national Companies will have to cease trading inc Mencap. Teresa May is looking into this personally. The Alliance has been working with other National Bodies to campaign o this matter.